NEWS FLASH: Here’s a brief resume of my new novel, The Templar Prophecy, which Atlantic/Corvus published back in February – a Kindle edition is also available, as it is for all my novels. The next John Hart novel should be out next year:

June 1190. A Knight Templar, Johannes von Hartelius, rescues the Holy Lance from his drowning King during the Third Crusade.

April 1945. A courier arrives at the Hitlerbunker with a parcel. The Führer calls for a vacuum canister to be brought, seals the documents he has received inside it, attaches the canister to a leather case containing the Holy Lance, and sends it away, guarded by a descendant of Johannes von Hartelius.

Present Day. British photojournalist John Hart finds his father crucified, with the mark of a spear in his side. Shattered and bewildered, Hart learns for the very first time of his family’s destiny – to be the Guardians of the Lance.

As Hart begins to investigate, he discovers a German occult rightwing organization called the Brotherhood of the Lance. Hart infiltrates the organization to investigate his father’s murder – but the secret of the Lance is more terrifying than he could ever have imagined…

And here’s a preview of the cover:

templarThe Music-Makers Kindle Cover August 2012


You can pre-order the book from Amazon or any other reputable bookseller:

My complete Antichrist/Nostradamus trilogy is now available as a single e-book, published by Atlantic Books/Corvus. Go to this link to order: The%20Antichrist%20Trilogy

My 2001 novel The Music-Makers is also available as an e-book. And the guy on the cover is me (see above right), aged about 18, if anyone is interested! You can buy it on: ref=la_B0034OS0QU_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1357553843&sr=1-6

Also anyone who wants to follow me on Twitter can go to @marioreading. I don’t promise daily tweets, but when I do tweet, I take it seriously. And I try to be entertaining.



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