NEWS FLASH: Mario Reading’s newest John Hart novel, The Templar Inheritance, came out in April 2015 (published by Corvus). Here is a brief resumé:

Present Day: A bomb goes off near a roadside café in As Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. Veteran photojournalist John Hart and his 27-year-old Kurdish Christian translator, Nalan Abuna, are caught up in the explosion—an explosion which is to become the trigger for a series of high-stakes events.

May 1198: John Hart’s ancestor, Johannes von Hartelius, discovers that the Copper Scroll, the most prized possession of the Knights Templar, has been stolen and is about to be used to help raise an army for a Fourth Crusade. When decoded, the Copper Scroll is expected to hold the secret of Solomon’s Treasures, together with the key to the building of a new Temple of Solomon in the Holy Land.

Present Day: John Hart discovers a secret message from Johannes von Hartelius inside the Holy Spear, indicating the possible location of the Copper Scroll in a hollow mountain, known as Solomon’s Prison, in Iran. John Hart sets out to retrieve the scroll, echoing Hartelius’ epic battle, almost 1,000 years earlier.


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You can pre-order both The Templar Prophecy

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